Fire & Rescue Training Center

Welcome to the Denison, Iowa Fire and Rescue Training Center.

Training Facility

The DVFD purchased 2 acres of land in 2013 for the purpose of training the fire department firefighters as well as local fire departments.

To train firefighters from Denison Volunteer Fire Department and surrounding Mutual Aid departments in current firefighting tactics.

Facility Specifications
With the addition of this property the fire department will be able to strengthen their fire ground operations by having the ability to train as we fight. Along with the land purchase we also purchased a training building made by American Fire Training Systems, INC.The training building has an area of approx. 2080 sqft. It is three stories in height and has a class A burn room on the first floor. The second floor is an open area with breeching walls and VEIS windows. The third floor has a smoke room and two ceiling punch-outs leading to a pitched roof ventilation prop on both sides of the roof.

Map to Facility